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Paul Liu

"I joined MICL three months ago. I found the existing members to be friendly and welcoming. The classes cover a variety of topics from travel, history, science, current events, and so on. It is easy to find at least a few classes that will catch your interest."

Elaine Gorman

"MICL is the most thoughtful, smart, interested, and interesting group in Modesto!"   

Ron Rutschman

"I have been a member of MICL since 2012 after receiving a Modesto Junior College catalog  in the mail that described MICL  I have been on MICL's Board of Directors for 9 years as MICL's Membership Chairman. I have coordinated many classes but believe finding many new friends at MICL has been the benefit I appreciate most."

Lynn Hansen

"The MICL program at Modesto Junior College serves seniors in our community with so many opportunities to grow and continue their education.  Courses vary but people attending the classes have a wide variety of topics to choose from including current events, travel experiences, cultural immersion, engineering and architecture exposure, a writing group and more presented with passion, compassion and not lacking in intellectual content.  During the COVID period, the Social ZOOM class provided a critical link, a life line really, for homebound people to remain connected to content and friends.  MICL is one way to enlarge your circle of friends and is, in my life, indispensable for my continued learning." 

Bob Droual

"I retired three years ago and MICL made my transition from work to retirement seamless! I immediately made many new friends among people of diverse backgrounds: law (both lawyers and law enforcement), education, business, construction, engineering and blue collar. Everyone is welcoming and eager to learn something new. Join us!"

Sharon Froba

"MICL is a school for motivated seniors who choose to attend classes with content that appeals to them. There are no midterms or final exams. There is no homework. There is only the joy of learning something new with classmates who are equally interested."

Kathy Haynes

"Before retiring I would longingly peruse the MJC Community Class catalog. The MICL classes always caught my attention and I vowed to sign up asap upon retirement. Now that I have retired and been a member of MICL for over five years, I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed with any of the MICL classes. It is so very easy. Just register at the start of semester and then show up at any/all of the classes that interest you. You do not have to sign up for an individual class and you can come late and not receive a tardy slip. Ha. A bonus is that there are no tests, no memorization, and no sweat." 

David Froba

"I joined MICL after I retired 20 years ago. My first interest was the class on current events. I soon begin to attend other classes too. I have also taught classes on numerous occasions. I must say that I am fortunate enough, at age 84, to still be pretty sharp. I attribute a lot of that to the ongoing mental and social stimulation that I have benefited from as a member of MICL."

Andrea McGhee

"MICL is a wonderful resource for older folks to keep their brains stimulated and their imaginations inspired.  The Writer's Workshop, led very capably by Joyce Starkey, not only helps us improve our writing skills, it promotes a feeling of closeness, almost like family, through writings that reveal much about the writer's life experiences. Excellent class!"

Dorothy Winke

"After losing my husband of 51 years, I needed something to keep me active and my days occupied, I was extremely fortunate to find MICL.  Starting out with just one class per week I soon found myself coming to more and more classes as the offerings were so varied and interesting.  Now I can’t imagine my life without MICL.  I practically live at the El Capitan building and almost hate holidays breaks, when MICL does not meet for more than a week."

Jim Pack

"MICL provides an opportunity to gain the perspectives of others as we learn together about many different subjects. People challenge us to think differently as they share their ideas in discussions. The variety of classes that MICL offers encourages us to continue to learn.

It's fun to participate in MICL."

Geraldine Canabou

"The MICL classes are informative, well presented and relevant to our world today. Fellow MICL members share their enthusiasm and knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. The Russian and Chinese histories trigger a  reflection on the danger of authoritarianism in our global landscape. The propaganda class brought an awareness of the subtle and not so subtle influences in our daily lives. The breath of fresh air that the birding classes  afford is both  appreciated and invigorating! We have only to look to enjoy the incredible beauty surrounding us in this, our valley home. Yes, Thoreau, “We need the tonic of wildness.” I cite only a few of the numerous MICL educational offerings . My thanks to MICL presenters and behind the scene helpers who bring us this incredible learning experience."

Joann Blaska

"Modesto Institute for Continued Learning provides me a safe place to learn and grow.  It is comforting to know that there is a place in this crazy world that nurtures me, enlightens me and helps me understand others' perspectives.

I've been exposed to so many wonderful topics that otherwise would have escaped me.  There are no "stupid or wrong questions" in MICL, only sharing, exploration and explanation. It is always there, fitting one way or another, into my life's schedule."

 Art McRae 

"As a seventeen year member of MICL, I would encourage all individuals wishing to “expand their horizons” to become a part of this organization. The social and educational values are limitless. A great way to make new friends with common goals."

Maureen Fuertes

 "I like the diversity of the people I meet at MICL. They are from many walks of life, but they all have one thing in common: They love to learn new things and share ideas ."

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